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Stand Out Style: Molly

February 24, 2023
Our ECommerce Merchandising Coordinator Shares Her Colorful, "Anything Goes" Style
Stand Out Style is a series that features the unique styles of Stand Out For Good, Inc. associates as they share what style means to them.
woman wearing a denim skirt and floral puffer jacket

Today we are highlighting Molly, our Ecommerce Merchandising Coordinator for Arula -- Altar'd State's sister brand curated for mid & plus size women.
Molly always had a feeling she would work in fashion and retail... she grew up as the little girl who was always wearing her dress up outfits (complete with princess dresses, boas, and plastic heels) out in public. To Molly, every good day stems from feeling comfortable in your own skin – and a good outfit is one surefire way to influence that. Having a small part in helping other women feel beautiful and confident through fashion is what makes Molly love her work.

Molly describes her style as “anything goes,” though she doesn’t consider herself particularly adventurous outside of fashion. Fashion is her avenue to experiment and take risks – she gravitates toward colorful, shiny, and textured pieces. Her go-to place for styling inspiration is Pinterest. When she adds something new to her wardrobe, she heads straight to Pinterest to search for how she wants to build her full look.

Molly stands out in Altar'd State by styling a Floral Cropped Puffer Jacket with a white sweater, cowgirl boots, and a long denim skirt (such 1980s fun vibes). The whole look is topped off with her signature everyday gold jewelry.

woman wearing a white sweater

Rapid fire with Molly:

Favorite show or movie wardrobe?
Stranger Things Season 3! 80’s style is everything to me. I loved the Stranger Things wardrobe so much that I DMed the stylist to compliment her, and she replied back!

Favorite part of your morning/night routine?
Listening to the Calm App sleep stories before bed! They put me right to sleep.

Favorite musician?
Harry Styles of course! He embodies happiness! I love his music but I love his wardrobe even more… fun colors, patterns, and sparkles.

Something you’re looking forward to?
The concerts I’m going to this year! Joshua Bassett, Sabrina Carpenter (I’m a sucker for a love triangle…insert Olivia Rodrigo), and the queen herself, Taylor Swift!

This Or That 

Coffee or tea: Neither! Coca-cola, specifically in a can.
Lipstick or lip gloss: Gloss
Rom coms or dramas: I live for teen dramas!
Text or call: Text
Books or movies: Movies
Pancakes or waffles: Waffles! My dad made chocolate chip waffles every Sunday growing up!