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Associate Spotlight // Alysssa

August 20, 2020
Three moves, five stores, six years and… I wouldn’t change a thing!
After graduating college, I felt like I needed to get a big girl job. Some place where I was salaried, had paid time off, and health benefits. Since mom and dad were going to kick me off their insurance – adulting is hard. So, I started working at an insurance company, of all places. Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite thing. Growing up in a hair salon, I loved getting to meet and interact with new people. A friend of mine from the salon had started a new job at a retail store called Altar’d State. She could not stop raving about her new job! A mission-based give-back company, that just so happened to benefit my shopping addiction? Sign me up! Needless to say, I applied for a role the very next day. I thought I’d just work some nights and weekends to start and see what I thought, while making some extra money and expanding my wardrobe. After interviewing for the guest lead position, I was thrilled when they called to offer me the assistant management position!

Shortly after starting at Altar’d State, I too loved my new job! I loved feeling like I was making a difference in people’s lives by lifting up women and making them feel beautiful. But most of all, I loved how creative I got to be! It didn’t take me long to realize how many opportunities there were to grow with this company. Not only did I get a job that I loved, but I finally got a big girl job I felt I had a future with. My journey began in Cincinnati Ohio, where I got to be a Visual Assistant Store Leader for two different stores in just a year and a half. After late nights doing markdowns, windows, and floorsets my hard work had paid off! I was promoted to my very own store in Crestview Kentucky, I was so excited! With incredible determination, I was able to grow my business and got promoted again, but this time I was moving to Nashville. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in music city?! So, I packed up my 16-year-old cat, Lucy, and moved to the heart of Tennessee. Live music on Broadway, hot chicken, and celebrity sightings, what’s not to love about Nashvegas? But before I knew it, I decided to say goodbye to the 615. After some heart to hearts with my district managers, I decided to continue to pursue my growth within the company and move to Lexington Kentucky.
As the newest assistant buyer for A'Beautiful Soul non-apparel, I strive every day to make all women feel beautiful no matter what size they are!
While working with Altar’d State, I have been given the chance to experience so many amazing things. One perk being that I got the opportunity to travel to Pigeon Forge, Colorado Springs, Dallas, and Disney World (two times!) for store leader conferences. Through these amazing experiences, I have met some of my best friends. Last year, I was honored to be chosen to travel to Peru for a mission trip that ended up absolutely changing my life. During my time in Peru, I had many emotions. I have never felt a love like I did for these kids, their joy was infectious. Despite everything these children have to endure day in and day out they are still just happy to be alive. This humbling experience really makes you take a step back and appreciate all that you have in life. Our company represents more than just a retail business, but a place where each of their employees can stand out for good, by giving back. I love that I have been able to volunteer with Altar’d State not only overseas but locally as well.

During my time as a store leader, I have been able to partner with many great local organizations for Mission Monday. One of my favorite partners by far, was Compassion That Compels. While working in Lexington Kentucky this past year, Kristianna Stewart, the Founder of Compassion That Compels, reached out to me about a woman battling cancer. Kristianna had wanted me to present this woman with a treatment bag as well as spend some quality time with her to make her feel special and loved. After working with Compassion That Compels for numerous years, I was honored that Kristianna had thought of me! I met this woman at a nearby store that carried A’Beautiful Soul, our mid-size/plus size brand, and that is how I fell in love with ABS! I identify as a midsize woman, and although I had shopped at A’Beautiful Soul before myself, it wasn’t until this moment that I realized I had found my calling. The plus size woman is the most under serviced guest in the retail industry. Being able to help a guest love her body and feel beautiful in her own skin is so rewarding for me. Later that year, I decided to apply to be an Assistant Buyer for A’Beautiful Soul. As the newest assistant buyer for A'Beautiful Soul non-apparel, I strive every day to make all women feel beautiful no matter what size they are!