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Gift Guide 2023: Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

December 13, 2023

Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her: Stylish Picks for The Women In Your Life

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for all of the incredible women in your life? From cozy luxuries to cute wardrobe additions, we’ve curated a selection of stylish and thoughtful gifts designed to fit her unique style. Whether you’re shopping for your work bestie, your sister, or your BFF, Altar’d State’s fashion-forward gift guide helps you celebrate the women who make it feel like Christmas every day.

For Mom

Every Mom deserves the world - they’re the glue that keeps the family together. Pamper her with these cozy, luxurious gifts that show your mom that you’re thinking of her year-round. Whether you go with a soft, luxurious blanket, a bag she’ll love to be seen carrying, a pillow to complement her decor style, or a cozy, cute sweater.

For Your Work Bestie

You wouldn’t make it through the work day without her! If you’re on the lookout for fun gifts for the girl who makes the office feel like home, consider these work-related gifts that she’s sure to love! We recommend a coffee table book to spruce up her space, a monogram mug to make coffee breaks fun, a scented candle to help her desk feel like home, or a cardigan to combat cold office days.

For Your Sister

Your sister is always there for you, and she deserves a gift that combines comfort and style all in one. These creative gifts will be a hit! For your sister, go for some slippers that are as cute as they are cozy, a cosmetic bag for her inner jetsetter, a retro sweatshirt, or our Sanctuary Fragrance Discovery Set so she can find her own personal scent.

For Your Best Friend

BFF, bestie, soulmate - whatever you call her, she's your closest friend and confidant. You’ve been through a million ups and downs and no one knows you better than she does. Find her something special and unique that reflects your friendship and her style. A cute sweater, a Jewelry Gifting box, a cozy slipper, or our bestselling tumbler – The Kait Cup.

No matter the occasion, these thoughtful and stylish gifts are sure to bring joy to the special women in your life. Still not sure which gift to choose? Let her pick with an Altar’d State e-gift card. It takes the pressure off of you, and lets her pick whatever she wants - it’s a win-win!